Japanese automakers have also been with their own hybrid vehicles to be proud

China's new car standards to fight united against Japan defeated the German

There is a saying is obvious, namely, "first-class enterprise selling standard, Laptop Battery second-rate business selling patents or other intellectual property rights, third-rate companies selling services, and four companies selling products, Mo Liu Enterprises selling coolies." In fact, industries in countries competition, there are so many streams of the four points. Clever country, usually the first to go to the development of standards, and to allow other countries to comply with this standard, calling them - the international standard to abide by! But the fool knows that those who are naturally benefit the development of standards, any development of standards, will take into account more or all of their technological advantage. This internationally recognized standards, once developed, the country's related companies is equivalent to false start several years, numerous Qiyou the reason!HP Pavilion DV6700 adapter HP Pavilion Dv9000 adapter

Today, learning shrewd China, also joined the fight side of the standard. Take the new energy vehicles, for example, China has already begun plotting together the United States, standards in the new energy vehicles occupy a series of land.

New energy standards for three major auto camp

At present, there are three major new energy cars worldwide path and, therefore, be divided into three camps. The following in alphabetical order. Dell Inspiron 3700 battery

First for the loudest Japan. Prior to the Japanese media have reported that in March 2010, United Nations agencies to revise standards for motor vehicles in the world, when the hybrid and electric vehicles will set up a global harmonization of safety standards, while the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight, technical specifications is expected to become the world standard.

Japanese automakers have also been with their own hybrid vehicles to be proud, because Japanese car companies is the world's largest selling hybrid vehicle business. Of course, they may think that they have sufficient experience and more! Of course, privately said that if the world standard, the Japanese standard, and that Toyota and Honda cars can navigate the world, while other enterprises in order to meet the Japanese standard, must invest enormous human, material and financial resources, and to bear the time cost. HP Pavilion ZV6000 adapter HP Pavilion DV6000 adapter

But for other enterprises, this is a disaster. First, energy-efficient hybrid vehicles is not absolute, it still needs two kinds of energy in the conversion, at present, whether a weak, medium, strong mixing car, we still need oil as raw material. Perhaps precisely because of this, the Japanese model of the outside world has been questioned.

Earlier reports said, Oracle China Sun China has begun to integrate, in which under the influence, Sun has emerged in China sector as a whole left phenomenon. However, these messages have not been officially confirmed.

This year, Sun is under a series of bad news, Sun has been the industry trend of China’s concern, but the Sun China has not been released this information to the outside world. Yesterday, the reporter called the Sun Chuan-Dong Wang, director of public relations in China understand the current operation of Sun in China. He said there is no information on this topic can be disclosed.

“Officers also relatively stable”, Sun Ka DELL INSPIRON 8600 battery and the sky a business leader of anonymity, told reporters, “and our daily contact Sun service charge, including (for) all sectors are still the backbone of personnel. ”

“According to observations, Sun operating in China is still relatively normal things that occurred at the headquarters of China’s channel partners, no impact,” the responsible person for further revealed that the company was sure that there is movement of M & A phenomenon, the specific circumstances, he said the inconvenience ming .toshiba satellite 5005 Battery toshiba pa3331u 1brs Battery

However, a source close to Sun in China, told reporters, Dell XPS M1210 Battery Sun China’s trade division of confusion, the product is responsible for system and is difficult to clarify. “IBM’s advertising overwhelming, but you simply do not see Sun ads, even the publicity could not.”

One channel have the same feeling person in charge, “Sun now I’m not attend the meeting,Dell Vostro 1510 Battery, Dell Winbook N4 Battery, Dell Winbook Z1 Battery, Dell XPS M1210 Battery, Dell XPS M1330 Battery, Dell XPS M140 Battery, and because there is no specific strategy for them too.”

"TBT council to" show the Chinese point of view

"The Foreign Trade Barriers, we are a passive response from the initial stage,92P1075 to actively participate in change, that is, to put forward our comments on the draft opinion, to reconsider the issue of the country, in this regard, the voice and the increasing influence of China Strong. "WTO Secretary of Commerce on behalf of Na Liu introduced the formation of consultative advice, my advice would be on the one hand to comments issued by States in the form of reports to the other, will be transferred to the Chinese ambassador to the United States Embassy United States Government, and will in the next period TBT briefing to discuss the full expression of the views of the Chinese government and enterprises, for the regulations to minimize the impact of our industry.

AQSIQ director Wang Li Zhou TBT study also introduced, "TBT appraisal technology is become an effective means of dealing with trade." To him, the WTO provides that any WTO / TBT (World Trade Organization Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement) member countries issued the product trade new standards, new regulations, draft regulations must be notified to the Member States, the countries of their product technology introduced new standards, new regulations have comments, suggestions rights to eliminate all unreasonable International trade barriers, establish a rational and fair international trade order and rules. In recent years, about 1,700 each year a number of countries have made public the draft regulations.toshiba PA3284U-1BAS Battery toshiba PA3284U-1BAS Battery

At present, China has been actively involved in deliberations of the draft, expressing the voice of the Chinese government and enterprises. It is understood that the draft last year, 08K8197 200 Chinese comments, in which more than 50 comments to this notification, of which five were accepted. Review the current draft includes the State, the draft key trading countries; and draft related to our key products; related to chemical safety in the draft and so on.

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